Empty Nest? What's Next?

Guest Questers: The Road to Reinvention

CBD products have been found to bring relief for many ailments.

Melissa Gibson, owner of Hemp and Humanity, shares its many benefits and clears up misconceptions around this plant-based nutrient.

How did Empty Quester come to be and what does it mean to be part of the Empty Quester movement? 

Tune in here.

Teachers can impact our lives in profound ways.  Lisa Manaster shares her personal journey on becoming a special education teacher and how her need for information for her own child shaped this important career.

Yoga can be a great way to build strength and relieve stress during the empty quester life stage.  Marc Altheim, owner of Know Yoga, Know Bliss in Manhasset, NY shares the many benefits of maintaining a steady yoga practice.


Empty Questers have many questions when it comes to selling their homes.  

A chat with realtor, Allison Hollander of Automatic Real Estate Associates, sheds some light on the challenges and rewards.

Beauty is important to women at every age.  Chanel Beauty Artist, Frances Vessio,  adds color to the question "How can women look their best  during the Empty Quester life stage"?

Questing means to pursue or to search, and travel is an essential part of the journey. Travel agent, Lisa Enden, of Power Travel shares some of the most exciting options out there for Empty Questers.

When Empty Questers organize their nests, they not only benefit physically but mentally as well.  Katie Boyar, founder of Katie B Organized, gives practical tips on how to de-clutter your life.

Are you still holding on to a lifelong dream?  New York City middle school principal, Lenore DiLeo Berner, made her dream of becoming a professional singer a reality, as part of her empty quest reinvention.

Empty Questers have many questions about investing during this life stage. Financial managers, Sybil Sternlieb and Susan Novick of Merrill Lynch, share their insights into why this is a great time to manage our money and build wealth.