Empty Nest? What's Next?

A Life Stage Expert


First and Foremost

Like you, I am a parent: a role that I consider more important than any other. Married for nearly three decades, I have two wonderful daughters, ages 23 and 19 and an awesome dog, Riley.  I love to write, speak publicly, create video content and partner with people and products I believe in.  My quest is to become a thought leader and an influencer in the empty nest space.  


Empty Quester

Having enjoyed a long career in publishing and sales, I launched Empty Quester to gather and inspire like minded, empty nest parents who are eager to enjoy this next life stage. Together, we will take a deep dive into all the adventures, challenges and opportunities that are waiting for us, during this time of reinvention.


The Vogue Years

In my 20s, as the Fashion Director and Advertising Manager of Vogue, I attracted hundreds of clients to advertise to our coveted demographic.  Vogue spoke to women of a certain age, wealth or aspiration, inspiring its readers to use the products and services featured in its editorial pages.  We had a captive audience and advertisers paid millions of dollars to speak to it.


The Parenting Group Years

In my 30s, when my first daughter was born, I moved to Time Inc. where I sold advertising for their parenting magazines. As a new mom myself, I understood that every product and service I used had suddenly changed. My car, my home, my clothes and my insurance policy were all new investments.  As a member of this audience, I knew that there was an infinite group of advertisers I could pursue.  I encouraged droves of them to market their products to our audience.  


Elements Magazine

In 2002, I was given an exciting opportunity to help launch Elements,  a regional, luxury lifestyle magazine on the Gold Coast of Long Island where I lived.  It was a fascinating venture, creating a well-respected magazine and getting national and local advertisers to promote their brands to our curated audience.  Once again, I experienced the power of reaching a specific target market with valuable content.