Empty Nest? What's Next?

In Other News

The Washington Post


So excited to have my first article published in The Washington Post and to have joined their Talent Network as a freelancer.  

If you are thinking of taking time away from work to raise your kids, or are considering getting back into the work force, this article is for you.

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Nectar News


So honored to be featured in Nectar News, the publication of The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation. 

I recently joined this organization, which promotes inter-generational networking and mentoring.  They are looking for senior advisors to join and mentor younger professionals.

Check out my interview with Nicole Johnson about Empty Quester and the vast opportunities for Baby Boomers and advancing Gen Xers.

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Suburbs 101


"5 Things You Must do in Your 30s and 40s to Prepare for the Empty Nest" helps younger parents begin to consider this inevitable event. 

I love sharing wisdom with younger parents and having them benefit from some things I learned along the way.

Suburbs 101: The Insiders Guide to Living in the NY Suburbs is a well-crafted on-line magazine and resource for families.

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"How to Achieve Effective Communication" highlights the best practices to stay in touch with college age children.

Blue-Prynt is the definitive resource for everything you need to outfit your child's dorm room.  A community powered blog, Blue-Prynt offers articles and inspirations to create a home away from home.  

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